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In order to enable effective teaching and learning to take place, good behaviour in all aspects of school life is necessary. The school seeks to create a reflective, caring, learning environment underpinned by shared values expressed in the school’s ethos and values statement. The focus here at Newstead Wood is that every student deserves to have learning that is free of disruptions. While this is the norm at Newstead Wood, on the rare occasion that a student does not meet our high expectations, we want to ensure this is resolved with certainty, not severity – consistency is key to our response.

Behaviour Points

Although poor behaviour is rare, if it does occur, a stepped approach will be taken. This includes the use of positive behaviour management strategies and verbal warnings. If, despite these strategies, a student continues to choose inappropriate behaviour then a behaviour point is recorded which will result in a detention being issued.

In the event of a behaviour infringement (e.g. talking while the teacher is speaking, disruption, being out of their seat, causing disruption, not working), the student will be given a verbal warning which will be recorded on Arbor with details of the reason. If their behaviour is not corrected the student will then be issued a behaviour point.

All behaviour points will be recorded on Arbor by 4pm the same day with details of the reason for the behaviour point, and parents will be notified via Arbor. Behaviour points will be given for:

  • Lateness
  • Inappropriate uniform 
  • Poor behaviour in lessons or incomplete work 
  • Failure to meet the school’s expectations

A behaviour point can be given without a warning for:

  • Graffiti to the table/classroom
  • Chewing gum
  • Incomplete homework
  • Lack of vital equipment for the lesson (e.g. a textbook)
  • Incorrect uniform without a valid reason (e.g. a parental note explaining why).


Behaviour points will lead to a student being given a detention.

1 Behaviour Point will lead to a 20-minute detention the next day at lunchtime with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

2 Behaviour Points in a day will lead to a 40-minute detention the next day at lunchtime with a member of SLT.

3 or more Behaviour Points in a day will lead to a 50-minute after-school detention with a Head of Year, and a phone call home from the Head of Year to discuss the behaviour.

If a student misses a lunchtime detention they will be given one opportunity to resit their detention the next day (with 10 minutes added on). Failure to attend again will lead to an after-school detention.

Newstead Wood also has a Friday Detention that runs until 5pm. These may be given for one-off incidents or repeated poor behaviour. This will be issued when the Head of Year or member of SLT feels it is necessary and parents will be informed via Arbor.

Detentions will all be recorded on Arbor as a Behaviour Point and parents will be notified through Arbor. 

Detentions will also be given for:          

  • Lateness (same day detention)
  • Inappropriate uniform 
  • Homework incomplete 
  • Failure to meet the school’s expectations

 Our full Behaviour Policy can be found here.

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