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Newstead Wood School recognises the importance of careers education and guidance to prepare students for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of life, during which they must be able to respond to the changing demands of a technological age, adapt to differing modes of employment, develop lifelong learning resources, and balance work and leisure. 

Newstead Wood School is committed to enabling students to understand the working environment in which they will eventually participate. We recognise that it is important for students to identify their own strengths and aptitudes. Working with students, parents/carers and school staff, we aim to raise student aspirations to ensure they plan to achieve, and attain, full learning and career potential. 

The school encourages and supports appropriate work experience opportunities and placements, as well as providing information and support to students making applications for employment and further and higher education. 

At Newstead Wood School we want students to be enthusiastic and motivated by thinking about their future careers rather than find it a daunting experience. By embedding careers into the curriculum, engaging with alumni, employers, universities and taking part in careers activities, students will engage more fluidly with their future and make choices that suit their interests and strengths inside and outside of school. Each student who meets with the Careers Adviser will work on an Action Plan which gives them the opportunity to take ownership of their pathway and have the confidence to explore in an impartial environment. 

Measuring our Effectiveness: 

Newstead Wood regularly evaluates the effectiveness of the careers programme, analysing and tracking student progress and destinations at all levels. Destination data is used to determine success and transition to the next stage while the effectiveness is further measured against the Gatsby Benchmarks. We regularly consider the views of the entire school community – students, parents/carers, and staff, through the use of Google surveys. This feedback is regularly reviewed and necessary improvements are put in place. The careers programme at Newstead Wood School is continuously developing and is flexible to meet the needs and demands of the students we serve. 

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