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Computer Science

What are students studying in Computer Science this year?

The Key Stage 3 curriculum introduces challenges in computing, digital literacy, and online safety, laying the foundation for GCSE Computer Science. Students develop proficiency in programming across various platforms, starting with block-based language - Scratch - and progressing to text-based language - Python.

In Year 7, students embark on their Computer Science journey by understanding the impact of technology, focusing on online safety and responsible computer use. They acquire essential ICT skills through hands-on lessons in PowerPoint and Spreadsheets, ensuring these skills are transferable across various subjects. Additionally, students explore their connection to the digital world through the understanding of internet and networks. Computational thinking and programming with Scratch is also introduced, setting the stage for deeper learning and problem-solving in computer science.

In Year 8, students delve into the inner workings of computers, learning how data is represented and processed. They gain insights into hardware and software components and explore data encoding methods such as binary and hexadecimal. Through practical activities, they experiment with HTML and CSS to create their own websites and use a block-based coding platform to develop their own App. Collaboration is encouraged, developing teamwork and communication skills for the practical coding project work.

In Year 9, students are introduced to cybersecurity to develop their understanding of online safety and data protection. Python programming language is also introduced, allowing students to explore the coding aspect of Computer Science and make an informed decision about their GCSE options. Through topics in Data Science and Cybersecurity, students gain insight into professional pathways and job opportunities in the field of Computer Science, helping them envision potential careers.

What are the major assessments this year?

Students are assessed on each topic building to a major assessment at the end of year, which incorporates all the topics covered in the year. Students are also marked on the practical aspects of the project work they undertake during the year.

What will the current performance grade be based on?

The current performance grades are based on all the work the student completes this year, including classwork and homework as well as the end of term assessments.

What should my daughter do if she feels she is struggling in the subject?

In the first instance, she should speak to her subject teacher. She should try to identify specific areas of the subject which she is finding a challenge so that we can offer targeted support.

How can I support my daughter?

The best way to provide general support is by discussing their work in the subject and how things are going. It's also helpful to talk to your daughter about how you use IT in your everyday life, whether it's through your smartphone, browsing the web, or at work.

What kind of independent work should my daughter be completing?

Students are given regular independent homework to complete, and this is assigned and submitted on Microsoft Teams. In addition, your daughter can use the software or programming languages used in class to create her own work, e.g. create games using Scratch, develop a website or develop an app. All the coding software and applications we use are available online for free.

Who can I contact for further advice and information?

Please feel free to contact the Head of Computer Science, Mrs Mehta, on with as much detailed information as possible.

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